Choosing A Headstone

Choosing A Headstone
Choosing A Headstone

Choosing a Headstone that Creates a Lasting Tribute

When selecting a headstone to honor the life of a loved one, there are several things to consider in order to create a lasting tribute.


A headstone is a tribute and it needs to last for generations. Therefore the quality of the material needs to be very high. No matter what material you select, it should be strong and durable. For instance, two granite materials may look the same but actually be very different. A hard granite will not absorb moisture as much as a softer granite which may discolor the memorial over time. We have the experience to guide you in making an appropriate choice for your individual circumstance.


Once you have the right material for the headstone, the workmanship that goes into that material should be of the highest quality. Look at samples and make sure you are happy with what you see. Make sure the people that help you are patient and understanding. While a guarantee is important, it is only as good as the company that gives it. Many internet-only, “home based”, or “side job” monument companies have only been in business a short time and will come and go over time. Will Hope & Son has been in continuous business since 1914 and mixes the most modern techniques with the skill and craftsmanship that has been developed over four generations.

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